Essential Self-Care Art Kit for Creatives

Self-care is important. It is about taking time for yourself – to care for your needs, to feel better, to release, to energize.
If you’re a creative type (or you just like to dabble in colors and lines), then self-care can be all about expressing, getting in touch with intuition, and having some creative fun.

Art journal

An art journal is a really good medium for creative self-care.

It allows you to express your inner feelings, to explore your thoughts, and just experiment with materials and have fun. Plus, you have a final product that you can look at and write about too.

But if you haven’t done this before, you might be wondering, how the hell do I start a creative self-care art journal kit? How do I prepare the right stuff?

Or you could be a seasoned art journaler (is that a word?) who wants to go back to the basics.

That’s why I’ve made a quick list of the things that have been essential to my self-care art journaling routine.

This list could be longer, but this is all about basic self-care and the essential things to have if you want to really invest in the time for self-expression but don’t want to create a whole art supply closet.

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