How to look at art in galleries and enjoy it

In New York City, where I am at, museums are everywhere. MOMA, Whitney, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim, street art, public art installation, and Chelsea galleries… It’s the mecca for art.

And I always wondered, how do people actually look at art in museums and galleries?

You see people who zoom past paintings while others stay in front of one for several minutes.

I usually invest my time looking at a piece that really resonates with me and others I sometimes pass.

Or are you the type to not go see any art at all?

Yeah, I’m also that type (perhaps more often than I want to be). Sometimes it’s time, sometimes it’s money, and whatnot.

I do hear a lot though, that some art are “terrible” and just “not understandable,” so people don’t take much interest in museum-going.

Some artworks are stupid and too far “out there.”

The thing is, we’re missing out. There’s a different way to see artworks.

There is another way

There is a way to look at art and be inspired, feel connected, have insights into who you are and who others are.

When we see artworks that are just totally “not understandable” it means that we are trying to understand the art. We’re trying to see the logic behind it.

We’re really logical beings. At work we need to be logical, at home we’re supposed to have logic. (cue “logical song”)

The mind might go: because this is A, it must mean B. And if this is B then it should be C. Or something like that.

But trying to understand the work logically won’t give you anything in return. You probably would just be very frustrated at how the artwork doesn’t follow the logic you want to believe in.

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